These terms and conditions detail the agreement of temporary property rental between the “Client/Renter” and the “Property Owner”.

The Booking Agreement includes all terms and conditions specific to the Property as detailed on the property web page.

I. Booking / Rental
Unless otherwise stated, the rental period is from 16.00 on the day of arrival until 10.00 on the day of departure.
Unless otherwise stated, rental of “The Property” includes water, electricity (except in winter months as detailed), gas for appliances and BBQs, linen and towels (except beach / pool unless stated as supplied). The persons residing in the rental properties, during the rental period, must not alter from that stated on the booking form, nor shall it exceed the maximum number stated in the website advertisement.
The Client and party acquire no rights whatsoever over the property excepting occupation as a holiday let for the period booked. The Client shall not sub-let the property.
The Client should report any breakages and / or defects in the property or its facilities or its contents to the owner or ‘Find The Real Spain’ without delay.
The bringing of pets onto the property is forbidden.
All properties are No Smoking properties.

II. Payment
All payments should be made in Sterling unless otherwise agreed.
A deposit of 25% of the total rental fee is due on booking. The final balance is due 8 weeks prior to arrival. Payment reminders will be issued by e-mail.
Total rent is payable in full on booking within 8 weeks of arrival.
Late payments will incur an administration charge of 25.00 GB Pounds.
If the final balance payment is not made by 24 hours after the issue of FINAL DEMAND, ‘Find The Real Spain’ reserve the right to deem the booking as cancelled by the Client.
We are able to offer the Client a payment facility by credit card via PayPal’s online secure server.  PayPal charges a fee to Find The Real Spain of 3.4% of the amount paid by the Client plus 0.20 GB Pounds for each Client payment made.  Find The Real Spain will pass on this rate, but only up to a maximum of 7.50 GB Pounds.
For all property check-ins (excluding key box access properties) after 20.00 on the day of arrival, a surcharge of 25.00 GB Pounds will be applied to the advertised prices.

III. Security Damages Deposit
A Security Damages Deposit will be set at the time of booking (Security Damages Deposit amount is detailed on the property web page).
Any breakages, damage or loss caused to the property or its contents during the rental period may result in the forfeit of some or the entire Security Damages Deposit.
It is the responsibility of the Client to bring to the attention of the Property Owner, the Property Owner’s representative or ‘Find The Real Spain’ any breakages or damage at the property which may be present at the time of their initial occupation as soon as possible after their arrival at the property.
Notwithstanding the Security Damages Deposit held, the Client remains liable for the full cost of any repairs or replacements required due to accidental or negligent breakage, loss, damage or otherwise abuse of the property.
The Client shall leave the accommodation in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found and are responsible for removing their own rubbish from the property at the time of departure.
The Client is responsible for the keys of the property during the rental period and for their safe return to the Property Owner or the Property Owner’s representative. Should you lose the keys it may be necessary, for security purposes, to replace the locks in the property and renew the keys accordingly. The Client will be liable for all costs in this case and for all costs in the event of loss of keys and call out to the Property with replacement keys.
‘Find The Real Spain’ / the Property Owner reserve the right to retain money from the Security Damages Deposit to cover additional cleaning costs should the property be left in an unacceptable condition.
‘Find The Real Spain’ / the Property Owner reserve the right to retain money from the Security Damages Deposit to cover indelible stains to linen and towels (for example, suntan lotions indelibly stain towels and linen).
‘Find The Real Spain’ / the Property Owner reserve the right to deduct supplementary charges from the Security Damages Deposit if the property is not vacated at the stated time.
The Security Damages Deposit (or part thereof) will be returned to the Client by bank transfer within 10 business days after departure from the property.  If any breakages are incurred during the Client stay, ‘Find The Real Spain’ request that they are replaced by the Client prior to departure to avoid any deductions from the Security Damages Deposit.

IV. Cancellations
Find The Real Spain Cancellation Policy (only written notification of cancellation can be accepted).

  1. Cancellation more than 8 weeks prior to arrival: 0% of deposit refunded.
  2. Cancellation within 8 weeks of arrival: 0% of full payments refunded.

It is essential Clients effect full holiday insurance cover to ensure losses on flights and accommodation are fully covered.
‘Find The RealSpain’ reserve the right to modify or withdraw any booking and cannot be liable for any loss, expense, inconvenience or claim arising there from.
Should the property become unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances and equivalent alternative accommodation cannot be offered, a full refund will be made.
Should the property become inaccessible due to a Spain national border closure, a Comunidad Valenciana regional closure, or an Alicante “comarca” (county) border closure relating to the Covid pandemic, a full refund will be made.

V. Insurance
The Client is strongly recommended to arrange a full comprehensive travel insurance policy, which includes cancellation cover and full cover for the party’s personal belongings, public liability, flight cancellation due to volcanic ash cloud, pandemic or disinclination to travel, etc. since these losses are not the responsibility of the Property Owners. The house must be kept locked at night and whenever unattended. If the property has a security alarm, the alarm must be armed whenever unattended.
It is advised that the Client takes additional breakdown and motor insurance if on a self-drive holiday.

VI. General
Neither ‘Find The Real Spain’ or the Property Owner shall be held responsible for;

  1. Any temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, or in respect of any equipment, machinery, facilities, furnishings or appliances in the property or garden.
  2. Any loss, damage or injury, which is a result of adverse weather conditions, volcanic ash cloud, riot, war, strikes, pandemic or other matters beyond the Property Owner’s control.
  3. Any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the Client if the property is destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of, or during the rental period.
  4. Any disruption, disturbance, inconvenience, or diminution of enjoyment of the Client’s holiday arising out of building/construction work or fiesta celebrations in the location of the property.

VII. WiFi internet
All properties in the portfolio of ‘Find The Real Spain’ have WiFi internet access delivered by either community line of sight microwave dish or by satellite dish.  The internet bandwidth and speed of upload and download is sufficiently capable of sending/receiving normal email traffic and website browsing.  The internet bandwidth is not sufficient capable to download movies or similar.  The Client is strongly recommended not to attempt to download movies or similar as this will result in a stoppage to the WiFi system by the internet service provider.

The Client must, in the first instance, notify the Property Owner (or their representative) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or better IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL of any problems or issues with the property or the amenities at the property.  Most issues can be resolved quickly and easily if they are communicated to the Property Owner.  If any issues with the property or the amenities at the property are not resolved during the rental period, the Client must notify ‘Find The Real Spain’ DURING THE RENTAL PERIOD.   If the Client fails to notify ‘Find The Real Spain’ or the Property Owner of any problems or dissatisfaction during their stay / prior to departure from the property, it may affect the ability to investigate complaints and impact the way that any complaint is dealt with.

‘Find The Real Spain’ and the Property Owner accept no liability or responsibility whatsoever for any accident in its properties, their grounds or swimming pools. Children MUST be supervised at all times.
The Client is expected to act in a manner that would not cause unacceptable disturbance to residents in neighbouring properties.

Swimming Pools:
‘Find The Real Spain’ has notified its Property Owners with swimming pools of the requirement to conform to legislation relating to making their pools safe. It is the Property Owner’s responsibility for ensuring government regulations have been adhered to.

Accuracy of Property Descriptions and Pictures:

  1. Great care is taken to provide accurate information on the property and general area in which it is located. However, there may be occasions when facilities, which are not under the control of ‘Find The Real Spain’ or the Property Owner, may not be available.
  2. ‘Find The Real Spain’ will endeavour to inform you of any such changes in advance, although these will not in themselves necessarily entitle you to cancel your booking without the usual penalties.